Mosaic art is the creation of patterns and images by placing small pieces of tile or other materials. From an abstract scattering of bright colored and interesting textured materials, to more photo realistic imagery, mosaicing is an ancient art form that anyone can enjoy. 

Art Tile offers a bulk selection of mosaic materials, ranging from 3/4" square vitreous glass, stained glass, ceramic/ porcelain and some other abstract materials. We also sell the recommended adhesives for your project as well as backing materials to suit your situation 




Natural Stone


The Art of Mosaic Tile 

Mosaic Class 

Adult, Parent/ Kids (7 Years or older, must be accompanied by a parent participant)

NEXT CLASS: October 18th 2016 1:00-3:00 PM 

Price: $45.00 per Person (includes materials)

RSVP Required- No day of