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Tile Installation Services in Seattle, WA 

Install Features


Art Tile Co is known for the care we put into the details. Our tile setters experience means they are striving for the optimal layout.

The Art Tile Co. Difference

Tile Specialists

The cornerstone of Art Tile Co. is our professional tile installation services in the greater Seattle Area. Art Tile just does tile installation and the associated preparation work, including demolition, backer-board installation and waterproofing. We install projects in residential remodels or new home construction. We will also tile smaller or specialty high end commercial projects. We take on projects of all sizes, from artistic endeavors with every piece of tile cut and fit in a pattern, to tiling the entire first floor of a house with wood-look porcelain. 

Custom Cut Ceramic Tile Installation
Quality Craftsmanship

Our installers approach every installation with the goal of perfection. We strive to optimize layouts for the best look and performance. Our installers are familiar with new technology and the enduring techniques of the past, making them adaptable to the requirements of any situation. Art Tile employs journeyman tile setters as full time employees rather than sending unpredictable sub-contractors to your home. Due to our fixed price quotes, you can rest assured they will take the time needed to do the project correctly. Alternate quote methods can lead to speeding through sloppily if paid by the square foot or slowing down work if paid by the hour directly.

Marble Pinwheel Tile mosaic installed with Subway Tile onthe walls.
Tile Installations: Big and Small
  • Residential Remodel

  • New Construction 

  • Small Commercial 

  • Interior or Exterior

  • Kitchen Back-splash Tile 

  • Floor Tile

  • Bathroom Tile 

  • Shower Tile

  • Shower pans 

  • Accent  Wall Tile 

  • Patio or Porch Tile 

  • Art Tile does not clean, re-grout or patch tile installations 

2x12 Glass Tile Blend Installed
Tile Specialists
Quality Craftsmanship
Types of Installations
What's The Next Step?

Quality tile installation is all about the details. Whether it is how to demolish the existing material, what substrate or waterproofing is best for the situation, to how we should finish the edges of the situation in a given space, every project has details that are easiest assessed in person by a trained eye. 

Schedule Your Home Installation Estimate Below Using Square Appointments
  • Art Tile is currently not quoting work South of I-90 or in West Seattle.

  • Click on Installation Estimate, and click continue (please note the average appointment lasts 20-45 minutes, the listed times includes our average travel times for scheduling)

  • For Location please select "Your Location" 

  • Select a date and time that works for you seeing our current availability

  • Enter ALL the requested information and in the notes describe the tile project we will be quoting

  • We will review your request at our next opportunity, and either confirm the appointment or contact you requesting further information

  • Square will send you an email reminder the day before and a text a couple hours before the appointment.

Schedule and Estimate

Updated MAY 2023: We are currently being selective on projects we are quoting. We will happily quote smaller projects, such as backsplashes, fireplaces, and floors less than 100 sqft. For larger full bathroom remodels we are currently pausing quotations due to a backlog into late fall '23 (these quotes are paused even if you are willing to wait, please check back later). For the smaller projects we quote, start timelines are 1-2 weeks thru September and are completed in the gaps between our larger projects first come first served. 


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