Our galleries are intended to inspire and showcase different tiles and layouts. The specific products may no longer be available.

(Image Sources include our installs and customer provided photos.)

Kitchen Tile Inspiration

Bathroom Tile Inspiration

Our galleries are intended to inspire and showcase different tiles and layouts. The specific products may no longer be available.

(Image Sources include our installs and customer provided photos.)

Tile Everywhere

Our galleries are intended to inspire and showcase different tiles and layouts. The specific products may no longer be available.

(Image Sources include our installs and customer provided photos.)

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have tile in stock?

We don't keep our tiles in stock, but rather order from vendors. Quite a few items will be as quick as next day, but we typically say allow 2-3 weeks and you will be able to get 90% of the products we display.

Do you checkout tile samples?

We loan samples for 1 week, so you can see them in your own light and pair them with other products.

Can I shop with my kid or dog?

We have a kids area to help entertain your young ones while you shop. We have some foam building blocks, kids books and little chairs in a colorful mosaic decorated space. We love dogs! Leashed dogs are welcome as long as they aren't being too noisy and you clean up after any mess they may make.

Why is my order not returnable?

Unfortunately, our vendors do not take returns or have very unfavorable return conditions. In turn we are not able to offer returns on ordered items. We will assist in quantity calculation and design prior to your order so you end up with the correct amount of a product you love.

Do you sell all the items I need to install my tile?

We offer an assortment of materials, tools, and maintenance products for your installation. We also offer knowledge on how to use the products we sell.

Where should I park?

Due to our neighborhood location we typically have ample free street parking available. We also have 4 parking spaces in our driveway on the north edge of our building. We are also on the 67 bus line and have a bike rack out front.

Do you have any recommended installers?

Art Tile offers install services, so that is our only recommendation. Unfortunately if you are outside of our work area or our timeline doesn't work for your needs, we can't offer recommendations due to warranty and reputation concerns.

Can I find a tile within my budget?

Art Tile has a wide range of prices. We have basic floor tile down to $2.00/ sqft and we have handmade tile up to $150/ sqft. Our goal is to find a product that matches the style you love, within your projects budget.

Why is "Box Store" tile cheap?

Quality, variety, and reliability is the most common sacrifices in when compared to Art Tile. We select only products we are confident will be received and perform as expected. Art Tile even overlaps on some box store products, but ours offer trim tiles and quality control.

Why is my tile discontinued?

The average tile series is only available for about 5 years. At this point either the manufacturer or importer, discontinues it to launch a new product. This life-cycle keeps technology and design options current.

I under ordered now what?

Give us a call, we will get more material on order and request it from the same production run. Unfortunately production runs may vary in color and size, so if the previous lot sold out in the mean time, an exact match may not exist.

How much tile should I order?

Art Tile will help calculate quantities based on measurements or sketches you have. This is a courtesy and you must be comfortable with the amount ordered. Must professional installers calculate square footage and add 15%-20% extra for cutting and layout.

Art Tile Install

How much is install per hour or square foot?

Art Tile Co. offers fixed price quotes that accurately account for details and variables that are inherent in tile installation. Don't be fooled by low unit prices, if there isn't a note of how many units are expected or what additional up charges are allowed.

Why should Art Tile install my tile if the quote is higher than others?

Art Tile specializes in tile installation, striving to make every installation the best possible. Our quotes are detailed and fixed, so unless you approve a change we'll complete the project as promised for the price quoted. General Contractors or jack-of-all trade installers may offer lower prices, but it could be a sub-contractor of unknown quality or a service that isn't a specialty. Also Make sure you are comparing like products. Art Tile Co only uses high quality products included in the quote and techniques we can stand behind.

Will Art Tile replace or clean my grout?

Art Tile will not re-grout an installation. This is a labor intensive risky process we avoid. There are specialty grout repair companies that Art Tile can not formally endorse.

I have damaged tile or need a patch, will Art Tile repair it?

No, Art Tile does not do patches or repairs. This is due to warranty and reputation concerns, as often tile repair can spiral out of control. If Art Tile did the work originally, and an unfortunate plumbing issue arises and requires a tile repair, let us know and we'll see what we can do on a case by case basis.

What is Art Tile's Installation Service Area?

Art Tile's base of operations is located in the Maple Leaf Neighborhood in North Seattle. We install tile North, up to Everett, including Edmonds, Shoreline, Lake Forest Park, Mill Creek. We install to the east out to Issaquah, including Bellevue, Kirkland, Woodinville, Kenmore and Bothell. To the South, we install everywhere in Seattle, including the neighborhoods of Laurelhurst, Magnolia, Queen Anne, Capital Hill, Seward Park and West Seattle. Anywhere south of downtown Renton or SeaTAc Typically is out of our zone due to travel times. Projects outside of this rough area will be decided on a case by case basis depending on the scope of the work. Installations where ferries or lodging are required will be priced accordingly.

DIY Questions

What size trowel do I need?

This question does not have a fixed answer due to varying textures on the back of tile and the substrate. Your goal in installation is to have full coverage of thin-set. Stick a piece in the thin-set and pull it back off, if there is thinset all over the back, with out being- an oozing mess on the sides you have the right towel.

What size grout joint should I have?

Small grout joints are popular. 1/8" is the current industry target. With rectified tile and a skilled installer 1/16" is as small as you want to go. Just note the smaller the grout joints the less forgiving your layout will be.

I need to cut tile?

A wet saw is the current standard for cutting tile. The default porcelain blade will got through about any tile, but a glass blade will produce razor precise cuts in glass or ceramics. One can be rented from local tool rental shop. For ceramic wall tile some will use a score and pop tool, but plan on a little more breakage.

How do I grout?

Read the instructions on the bag and follow them. We will cover some finer points upon request in person, depending on the type purchased. With constantly changing technology in grout we find most DIYers have no issues, it is the "pros" who don't study up on new instructions for these new products that have issues.

How should I layout my tile?

This is often the difference from a professional install to an amateur. The general practice is to have a grout joint or the center of a tile, centered on the areas primary sight line. In reality it is a balancing act learned from experience, to minimize cuts in obvious spots and have the tiles pattern flow so it looks best where most visible.