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Art Tile has Permanently CLOSED

Due to a retirement and a necessary building sale, Art Tile has closed its doors after 74 years of business. There have been highs and lows, over the years, but it became apparent that price outweighs selection and knowledge in Seattle these days. Unfortunately, customers only purchasing decorative accents for larger projects or looking for specific trim pieces for a repair aren't enough to keep a business going. "Showrooming" was our downfall, customers would come and use our resources, design help and expertise to then go purchase the larger quantity materials elsewhere to perhaps save $50 on their multi thousand-dollar project. We always set our prices to maintain the team you grew to know and love, with a livable Seattle wage. Please take this lesson and spread the love to those other family-owned businesses that remain. Frequently, within reason, a slightly higher price is paying for the better experience being available.

We greatly appreciate working with our loyal customers over the years. That kept us going as long as we did. 

As for our team everyone is scattering to their next adventure. 

Go visit Jay at CFM (Contractor's Furnishing Mart) off Aurora in North Seattle. 

Marc can be reached via this email, for handyman services focused on tile repair. His other endeavors will be added here later. 

Aaron will be the WA Dealer Representative for HydroBlok Shower Systems. If you want a waterproof tiled shower, check out this system.  

Fredrik is pursuing a career related to the Environmental Science Degree he is wrapping up. So hopefully he'll find a position that will save us all. 

Leighton has started a tile installation service, working exclusively on the eastside of the lake, called Oules Custom Tile. 

Del will also be continuing his installation services, with more information to follow. 

Blake's future is TBD, but he hopes to pursue a career in a golf adjacent position.

Art Tile is now a thing of the past, but we don't want to abandon our customers. 

We used a *2 digit codes to identify wholesale vendors that were on boards, the CD column on out invoices and sample checkout sheets. To assist in your search for a tile, here is the list of wholesale vendors.

You most likely will not be able to order direct from these vendors, but other tile stores with accounts can. It still may be a scavenger hunt, but this will be the first clue. Remember most tiles only last 5 years before being factory discontinued.  

57 = Systematic Supply/ Serene Sabias/ Landmark

59 = Arizona Tile 

60 = American Olean/ Marazzi 

63 = Coverall Stone

64 = C&S Tile (Canada)  

65 = Cepac Tile 

68 = Dal Tile 

70 = MIR Mosaic 

71 = Geometriks (Permanently Closed) 

72= Florida Tile 

75 = Emser 

76 = Meta Marble 

84 = Master Wholesale 

86 = TileShop (also goes by TSNW, not to be confused with The Tile Shop online sales) 

88 = Tierra Sol (Permanently Closed 

90 = Pental/ Architectual Surfaces (Recently discontinued all tile)

91 = Elysium Tile 

92 = Thompson Tile/ Olympia

93 = Surface Art 

94 = United Tile 

98 = Statements Tile 

99 = Z Collection 

For other inquires we will respond as time allows at this email address:

No Mountain to tall and good luck to all

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